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Cosplay Contest

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SuperHeroes Unlimited is proud to once again be hosting Anime Arizona’s Cosplay Contest! We can’t wait to see all of your amazing costumes and are super excited to meet so many new cosplayers! Below are the answers to all your pressing questions about everything you need to know for the contest!

The Cosplay Contest will be on Saturday from 5pm to 7pm

All participants must check in the theater room by 4:30pm


Best in Show
2nd Place
3rd Place

Best Craftsmanship:  The majority of the costume must be made by the entrant.

Most Detailed Design: The costume with the most precision and detail.

Best Practical Effect: The use of LED Lights, sound, makeup or any other practical effect in the costume.

Best Group

Honorable Mention 1
Honorable Mention 2
Honorable Mention 3


1st Place: $500 to Hot Topic
2nd Place
: $300 to Disneyland
3rd Place: $200 to Toy Temple


*Judges may create additional categories as unique costumes may appear!  

Contestants: Don’t worry about picking categories; everyone is entered into all categories, and the best of each category is chosen by our Judges!

  • Contestants must stop by the SuperHeroes Unlimited Booth to sign up. You do not need to be wearing the costume you will be competing in when you sign up, but you do need to wear the costume you wish to be judged on during the competition.

  • Contestants must arrive at the contest location 30 minutes prior to contest start time to check in and to practice their entrance, exits and everything in between! SuperHeroes Unlimited will walk everyone though how to look fantastic on stage and get all those nervous jitters out!

  • During the show, all contestants will walk across the stage and show off their costumes to the audience. The judges may ask each contestant a few questions.

  • Contestants will be expected to stay for the entire duration of the competition.

  • For weapons policy and general costume rules, please look the convention rules under info & Policies

  • Any questions about the Cosplay Contest can be answered at the SuperHeroes Unlimited Booth or emailed to

  • After last year’s HUGE contest turnout we will be limiting this year to the first 100 contestant sign-ups (we will also have a wait list in case of drop-outs so please arrive 30 minutes prior in case).

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