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Exhibitor Application

Business Information:

Booth Details:

All Vendor Spaces are 10 ft x 10 ft, including (1) Table and (2) Chairs. Vendor spaces include (2) Exhibitor Badges. Additional Vendor Badges can be purchased as well for $40 each.

Booth space is incredibly limited due to venue size. Please only request the minimum amount of space you need to operate your business.


Early Bird Pricing:

Corners - $750
Inline - $550
Sponsor Corner - $1250
Sponsor Inline - $900

Additional Information / Questions:

Did you exhibit at Anime Arizona before?
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Please type YES to confirm you understand you cannot sell weapons, swords, tobacco, vape products, food, drink, animals, timeshares, or bootlegged merchandise. If you are selling artwork, you MUST be the artist ... or have explicit permission from the artist to do so. These are firm policies, and anyone found in violation will be asked to leave the event without refund.

Thanks for submitting!

Your registration has been sent correctly, we will contact you soon.

Please note that spaces are limited, and we will not be able to accept all applications.

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